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How do we start working together?

Initial Screen Introduction

(30 mins)

Free Campaign Potential report (one week)

Report discussion & booking Discovery Meeting (30 minutes)

Our initial meeting with you allows us to introduce ourselves, explain our capabilities and learn about your organisation's broad objectives.  

Understanding those broad objectives allows Rebbelith to think about how we could be useful to you specifically. 

If together we think we could be a good fit, we'll put together a 'Campaign Potential' report for free.

You should not pay us to learn about you. You should pay us to help you achieve your objectives.

Within 5 working days of our Initial Screen Intro you will receive a free one page Campaign Potential report revealing:

- the media that have maximum influence with your stakeholders

- your organisation's current power within your stakeholder network

- the most important media and global discussion narratives surrounding your objectives

Your Campaign Potential report will give you an idea of what we can achieve together. Unique amongst communications consultancies, this allows you to 'try before you buy'. We will talk you through the results as part of this.


If we agree we are a good fit for one another, you are welcome to sign up as a Rebbelith client. We can move to Stage 1 of our Five Step Process and start achieving results.

If together we think we can't achieve what you need that's absolutely fine and we can part ways. You are welcome to keep your Campaign Potential report whatever you decide - they contain a wealth of insight you can put to use right away.

Becoming a client: moving onto our Five Step Process

As a new Rebbelith client you'll already have a working knowledge of how we operate. Our Initial Screen Introduction and Campaign Potential report mean we can hit the ground running and maximise productivity.

The Rebbelith 5 Step Client Process has been designed to create a smooth, predictable end-to-end customer experience, with each stage guided by verifiable data.

Clear to follow. Efficient to execute. Measurable results.

Rebbelith 5 Step Client Process


Discovery meeting

60 mins

Your objectives





Civil Society


Research & machine targeting

10 days

Influence mapping

Audience opinions

Key narratives


Intel delivery & strategy sign off

60 - 90 mins

The Power Map

Industry Intelligence Model

Data-backed campaign plan


Activation & monitoring

Continuous. Monthly reports


Social media

Events support

Intelligence monitoring reports


Measurement & assessment

Quarterly. 60 mins

Changes in:

The Power Map

Industry Intelligence Model

For a detailed refresh of our Five Step Process please visit the dedicated page on the main Rebbelith website below:

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