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Rebbelith Intelligence Systems

Our technology powers client campaigns that keep a finger continuously on the public pulse. They track changing opinions of key decision makers. They target the people who actually matter.

But these same groundbreaking algorithms also give you a first mover market advantage.


Our clients receive their own bespoke market intelligence platform. This reveals the shifting narratives & opinions affecting their specific business objectives.

The PR consultancy that helps you understand your world and shape the stories that drive it.

The Power Map

Target media that have maximum impact

Visualise stakeholder networks

Increase your network power

The Industry Intelligence Model

Contextualise issues affecting your organisation

Reveal stakeholder opinions

Beat competitors

Understand the historiography of trends & opinions.

Explore competitor influence networks

Reduce your reading burden by 90%

Discover decision makers & hidden stakeholders

Track sentiment & opinions over time

Rebbelith intelligence provides the research capacity of a Think Tank.

It gives your campaigns the power of a multinational.

Explore the team's open research

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