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5 step client process

Rebbelith launched one month before the pandemic. Client time and attention were at a premium. That forced us to develop extremely efficient, clear and predictable customer-facing procedures.

The Rebbelith 5 Step Client Process has been designed to create a smooth end-to-end customer experience, with each stage guided by verifiable data.

This helps our clients and strategists forge a productive collaborative relationship and get results.

Rebbelith 5 Step Client Process


Discovery meeting

Your objectives





Civil Society


Research & machine targeting

Influence mapping

Audience opinions

Key narratives


Intel delivery & strategy sign off

The Power Map

Industry Intel Model

Data-backed campaign plan


Activation & monitoring


Social media


Monitoring reports


Measurement & assessment

Changes in:

The Power Map

Industry Intel Model

Clear to follow. Efficient to execute. Measurable results.


Context & Specifics

Client required

We ask our clients to describe their vision for what they want to achieve and which news issues are top of their mind. This gives us Context.

We then follow a practiced checklist. This determines the people and organisations the client needs to influence or understand: those that could 'make or break' their objectives. They are 'stakeholders' and 'target audiences'. This knowledge gives our team the Specifics we need to run our analysis.


Context & Specifics are the only raw data sets we need for our whole process.


& Machine Targeting

Back at Rebbelith, using the data we gathered in Discovery, we run our systems in two streams for you. These look at millions of data points and months of global news coverage to create:


(1) The Power Map (TPM), revealing exactly which media, journalists, politicians, investors, customers, regulators, NGOs and companies have maximum impact with your stakeholders and target audiences.

(2) The Industry Intelligence Model (IIM), mapping the current media issues surrounding your specific objectives, and uncovering the opinions of your stakeholders and target audiences.

These two intelligence assets allow us to tailor you a data-backed campaign plan. That's because we know precisely who and what influences your stakeholders, because we can visualise the current trends surrounding you and what your audiences say about them


Intelligence Delivery & Campaign Sign Off

Client required

At our second meeting together, we (1) show you the intelligence we found and (2) we explain the campaign it suggests. 


Clients find this session valuable: they uncover a lot about their world and the people that influence it, they see trends in a wider context, and they spot new opinions.

And clients find this session fascinating. Unlike any other PR consultancy, our interactive intelligence means we can show clients exactly which media narratives we think a campaign should use, or which need to 'shift'. It reveals exactly who we need to target. It tells us what content or events are required at which time, to get results.


Most importantly, our data-backed approach means we can tell them exactly 'why' we've made our recommendations.


Campaign Activation &
Intelligence Updates


This is when we execute our agreed campaign action plan and monitor your Market Intelligence.


Action means producing: creating thought leadership, events or public appearances.

Action means outreach: placing stories, speaking to the media, engaging the specific online commentators or podcasts we've identified as influential, contacting optimum social network gatekeepers, or meeting key stakeholders.

Monitor means staying one step ahead of your market: keeping an eye on how stakeholder opinions are changing alongside events, looking at how your network position is shifting, and checking what discussions you share with competitors. These insights are delivered to you every month in secure, web-based reports.


Measurement & assessment

Client required

For the first time, our clients can actually 'see' Public Relations performance.


The Power Map and Industry Intelligence Model provide an interactive visualisation of campaign impact. Clients explore how stakeholder opinions have been influenced. They see how an important discourse changed over time in response to our content. They pinpoint how their network power has increased. They can see their influence relative to competitors.

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