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The Problem We Solved
The first integrated Intelligence & PR solution

Your Challenge


Providers of intelligence & PR today...

Today, when organisations want to discover what decision makers believe about them and their industry, they have to rely on consultants to conduct polling or focus groups.


don't have adequate tools, time or perspective.

Polls are expensive and consultants often settle to offer surface-level insights to their clients.

PR agencies are forced to rely on intuition, hard won but limited personal media contacts & 'data-dump' media monitors.


This makes them siloed, rushed, expensive & unable to deliver value.

The result is too little time, siloed insight, high multiple fees and poor campaigns that aren't based on verifiable intelligence. They can't reveal what’s actually driving issues, show which discussions really matter, or why. They cannot be measured reliably.


We wanted a solution that did more & cost less.

In our previous jobs, when we worked for agencies and when we hired consultants, we were frustrated. We were forced to use several expensive and unreliable services. We made it our mission to create a solution fit for modern, competitive clients.

Our integrated



Our combined solution costs a fraction of old alternatives...

Our technology-enabled, combined offering means these problems are overcome, comprehensively, at a low cost.


and gives clients 4x the value.

Rebbelith clients achieve far more influence & insight than human-only solutions can hope to deliver.


They achieve more by combining intelligence with PR,

Our systems enable pre-emptive messaging by revealing stakeholders’ beliefs about clients and the trends they face.


by targeting decision makers precisely,

They help us inform powerful alliances for them, conduct better risk assessments, uncover hidden stakeholders or target investors and customers.


and they get campaigns with results that are measured.

Our campaigns strategists are able, literally, to visualise the media discussions that surround clients and ‘shift’ narratives, deliver influence across channels with impact that can be measured, and use the right media for the right job at the right time.

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