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Powerful PR used to be
expensive, complex
& exclusive

Rebbelith uses groundbreaking technology to deliver 4x the value of traditional, human-only PR consultancies and costs as much as 80% less.

Our proprietary technology removes cost, capacity and time barriers for ambitious organisations that want truly influential public relations with measurable results.

Our intelligence systems power PR campaigns that match the capabilities of bluechip multinationals. But they're run with 20% of the normal cost and capacity requirements. And they can be measured.

That's because Rebbelith's technology allows us to integrate the bespoke market research, risk analytics, influence & stakeholder mapping, media trends analysis and performance measurement enjoyed by communications teams with huge budgets.

Rebbelith gives ambitious organisations access to the incredible power of PR done properly.

4x more value.

Measurable PR results.

Bespoke, integrated market intelligence.

80% lower cost.

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