A true breakthrough in stakeholder intelligence & issues navigation.

Rebbelith reveals the issues surrounding an organisation's specific objectives and discovers what influential groups believe about them.

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Rebbelith analyses today's public information networks and pinpoints narrative drivers to give organisations an unfair advantage and revolutionary strategic flexibility.

We give our clients what they need to solve the problems they encounter every day.

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Campaign Strategists

Visualise the media discussions that surround you and ‘shift’ narratives or policy debates towards your goals.

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Advocacy & Government Relations Teams

Build powerful alliances and conduct better risk assessments by finding latent support in government or hidden stakeholders.

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Communications Experts

Develop pre-emptive messaging by understanding stakeholders’ beliefs about you and the trends you face.

Navigate the contours of crises and neutralise chronic marketplace assaults by competitors, short sellers or activists.


Rebbelith Interactive Reports

Corporations, NGOs and governments turn to us when they're dealing with complex public issues, navigating regulatory change and need to understand multiple stakeholders.

We developed groundbreaking new algorithms to analyse months of global media activity and reveal what influential people say about you or the specific issues affecting your objectives.


Rebbelith is different. We've worked in-house and agency side, and believe experienced strategists should have access to what they really need to know, not just whats easy to measure.


That's why we reduce the overwhelming complexity of big data noise to insight that's actually intelligible. We don't just bamboozle you with a data overload.

Our interactive maps help clients with intelligence that’s fast, accurate, cost effective and simple to use.

Process months of media discussion in minutes

Reveal what your stakeholders believe & explore their information networks

Monitor narrative risk & opportunity with verifiable data

Prove return on investment definitively 


Our Sectors & Value

Inform strategy with interactive intelligence fit for today, not ten years ago.

Free yourself from big data noise and pinpoint what actually matters.


Campaign with Rebbelith

Your Workstreams

Phase One

Confirm objectives


Identify crucial issues, media topics & stakeholder / audience interests

Phase Two

Develop positioning, narrative & message creation

Project strategy development & campaign planning

Content development

Crisis communications system development

Phase Three

    Coordination, activation & protection

Phase Four

 Measurement, assessment & review

Return to Phase One

Your Workstreams Supercharged with Rebbelith

Phase One with Rebbelith

Months of global media discussion distilled to core issue drivers.

Stakeholder / audience beliefs revealed. 

Hidden supporting or opposing stakeholders revealed.

Phase Two with Rebbelith

Brand & campaign narrative founded in verifiable media and audience perceptions.

Pre-emptive messaging and content crafted based on the issues actually surrounding your goals.

Most valued media, journalists and channels revealed.

Project or campaign proposal explained to the Board using simple, interactive visualisations distilling complex issues and stakeholder activity.

Potentially harmful narratives and commentators identified.

Phase Three with Rebbelith

Media and stakeholder landscape monitored.

Phase Four with Rebbelith

Data-backed, verifiable campaign performance analysis delivered in visual and explorable Rebbelith reports.

Change in narrative & media issues coverage visualised.

Change in audience discussion revealed and verifiable.

Return on investment proved to Board.


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